We are Counsellors for Social Justice (CSJ), a chapter of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). Our mission is to advocate for social justice and social change through the role of the professional counsellor. The chapter promotes equity and human rights for individuals and societies through action, education, training, consciousness-raising, advocacy, and conscientious objection. CSJ is dedicated to working across borders, boundaries, professional disciplines, and differences in the pursuit of peace and wellness for all.

This site is an interactive tool for counsellors and other helping professionals to share stories about our experiences, build partnerships and resources, and inform one another about volunteer and work opportunities related to social justice issues.

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Poverty Resources
We held a workshop at the 2010 CCPA conference — Getting Down to Basics: Poverty, Mental Health, and Counsellors for Social Justice. Below are links to statistics, the presentation, and exercises for those interested but were unable to attend:

Poverty Satistics (PDF - 0.98MB)

Poverty Presentation (PDF - 1.1MB)

Exercise: Poverty & Privilege (PDF - 46KB)

Reference List (PDF - 12KB)

Resource Sheet (PDF - 13KB)

Read our first ever newsletter!

Counsellors for Social Justice Newsletter (January 2010)


Habitat for Humanity,
CCPA conference (May 2009)

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