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Their mission is to provide free and professional wiki publishing, collaboration and communication solutions to anyone who needs it and wants it. To quote from their site at, "We deeply believe that free and open are the right ways to think about computer software and our releases will create numbers of opportunities for users, developers and administrators on their way to "wikifying the world"

About Counsellors for Social Justice Website:
If you are a Board Member of the Counsellors for Social Justice, you will be given a secret password with which you can access the site and create your own account.

First you will need to create your own account on

This wiki was begun for SJC as a private development & practice site in 2007. In the 2008 - 2009 Year the Chapter may open this site to public access.

Please create an account and/or sign in first.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

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