This page includes volunteer opportunities for counsellors interested in social justice in the context of working with women.

The Elizabeth Fry Society - Ottawa
An agency devoted to helping women and female youth at risk of coming into conflict with the law. The Elizabeth Fry Society believes "the needs and circumstances that lead most women into conflict with the law are different from those of men, and as a result, responses of the criminal justice system and community services and supports must be unique as well. As a society, we all share a responsibility to help eliminate conditions that are detrimental to women and can lead them into conflict with the law." Provides all necessary training for a variety of programs and offers the following counselling-related positions: Public Education Worker, Theft Prevention, youth reintegration worker, community reintegration worker, community justice worker, case manager, sex trade support worker, housing support worker, community counsellor, community programming, residential services, residential support worker. Volunteer placements include the Courthouse program, JF Norwood house, and the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre.

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